Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's been a month since we brought Morning Star home to our mooring in Blue Hill.  Since then, we've been hard at work, cleaning, inventorying, and doing a little redecorating.  While the boat was cosmetically in decent shape, all those deep recess that nobody likes to clean needed a lot of attention.  Like the chain locker and the bilges.  Our swabbies Fiona and Jack were a big help.  Jack, being the smallest crew member had to go deep into the bilges to clean.  It was on that mission that he learned he could access his sister's cabin via the bilge access in his bathroom.  For now, it's a secret he's holding tight.  He's looking forward to the day when he can surprise her!  

Now that all the chores needing immediate attention are done, we are ready to move aboard!  Hopefully the wind we've been experiencing the past few days will subside tomorrow so we can move the boat to the dock and get our stuff moved on.   If everything goes well, we'll weigh anchor on Saturday!  Maryland, here we come!

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