Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We were so busy in the Bahamas, I didn't have any time to write!  Oh well, at least I can share a few pictures.  It's been a wonderful year so far and we've decided to keep cruising for another year!  We've found a wonderful community in Hope Town, Abaco and have decided to enroll Fiona and Jack in the Hope Town Primary school next winter.  There are other cruising children attending HTP and the parents speak very highly of the school.  We took a tour before we left Hope Town and we are all very excited about it.  Island life is very different from life in the States.  The children of Hope Town have so much more freedom and independence.  We have watched Jack and Fiona flourish in this environment and feel it is worthwhile to give them more time here next year.



Fiona and Jack sailing 'Sandpiper' (USA4305) with the Bahamas Optis of Hope Town Junior Sailing
Family portrait.  Easter Sunday 2013
Fiona and Jack Enjoying the beautiful Bahamian water

Tahiti Beach -- One of our favorite places to spend the day

Trampolining in paradise


On the steps of Hope Town Primary School

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