Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cruising Day 2 and 3

Yesterday we cruised from Boothbay Harbor, ME to Gloucester, MA.  It was a foggy day and rainy, but we managed to log over 100 miles!  We had many feathered friends come aboard for a rest from their travels which had me singing "Hitchin' a ride, hitchin' a ride, gotta get me home before the mornin' light..."  One little guy flew in to the wheelhouse when K. opened the door.  Fiona caught him and set him free.  

Tonight we are moored in the Great Salt Pond of Block Island.  The morning began foggy.  Entering the Canal was tricky as visibility was less than 200 feet!  We were in radio contact with another vessel leaving the canal as we were entering.  We could see him on our radar, but did not lay eyes on him until he was just off our port side bow.  Once inside the canal, the fog lifted and we all relaxed.
Low visibility entering the canal. 
We made great time today despite the weather.  We are a day ahead of schedule!  Next stop, Riverside Yacht Club in Greenwhich, CT!

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