Monday, October 8, 2012

Stopped In Our Tracks!

We didn't get far from our anchorage at Sandy Hook this morning before we snagged a huge fishing net in our port propeller. K. tried to free the net, but we don't have our scuba gear on board yet and the huge mass was too much to budge.  Left with no other option, we called in a professional diver.  Of course he was back at Sandy Hook, so we had to turn around and cruise back on one engine, relaunch the tender and pick him up on the dock.  Once in the water it didn't take him long to cut the prop free of the heavy net.  The diver was very nice and only charged $75 for the job.  We had hoped to make it to Delaware Bay today, but will have to settle for Atlantic City.
K. prepares to go in to the cold, murky water

Fiona and Jack wait for Diver Dan.

Diver Dan surfaces with the offending net!

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